Do you ever wish you could start over??..

from the very beginning when you were as gentle as a dove…

Do you look back at your life, past and you’re like fuck! How did i get here??

how did i end up as miserable as this??…but there’s nothing you can do you can’t un live it you just have to accept it…

Regrets are the worst things in life…

it makes us think horrible of ourselves..

makes us sorrowful…

makes us wallow in self pity all the time..

it makes us forget totally about tomorrow ,forget we still have a long way to go…

regret causes unforgiveness..we do not forgive even ourselves…

Regret brings self disgust…,hatred for one’s self..

regret can bring suicidal thoughts….

Regrets! Regret! Regrets!!!

we should live on and not hang on to the past…let bygones be bygones…focus on ur present…life is short.

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