It’s not the kind of cry that yoi hear at night,
it’s not the giggling of some teenagers at some friend’s place for a sleepover,
it’s like the jarring sound of a church bell.
The kind of sound that makes you wanna know what’s happening.
It’s tears from her heart,
from the pain of sexual harrassment.
She is a woman.
She has a voice.
For how long will you continue to treat her as naive?
If she says No,
Na no e be.
If she says not now,
wait for her ‘yes’.
If she screams,
Leave aher alone!
It means you cannot have your way this time,
You cannot be a Jackie chan every time..
That girl child, that lady, that woman, deserves your respect.
If she’s ignorant, dont defile her!
That toddler, might not know what you’re doing, do not defile her. Read that 100 times again.

Femalehood deserve your care💝, then thesame goes for you too💓




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