SEX Slave

I Am



Body, Soul and Emotions.

The pains brought back memories,

Ticking so well in wide motions.

The splash of the deaf waters, heavy! The groans of 16  Years olds connected with groins of older men.

The clinks of chains as they beat together, 

The fuckery of untamed politicians.

I remember, the submission of kneeling, and in my mouth pistols of men’s tool.

Years of experience, years of unsettled emotions.

I hated it but still loved it.

The beating, slapping of the dominating hands.

My legs chained apart as a red sea as their Israelites troops by

and then satisfaction as they reach the other mountain of cloud 9. 

The satisfaction in me and my self disgust,

all over in my head as I’d lay still.

I wondered still,

maybe if mama hadn’t sent me to the stream that morning,

Where my fate would be.

My innocent youth stolen from me,

Just to please some wild whites…

and black politicians

I blink out into my present,

my wrinkling hands slides down my belly, down into my panties.

Working it magic as tears dropped down my face.

Even after years of disposal, their addiction can never leave me.

Forever would I be their slave,

Or mine…… Or both

Or just maybe, even in my old age,

I’d never be free from being a sex slave.

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