The books in the library

The books in the library

I entered into the library.

And i got scared.
I got scared, 
 Of the books in the shelves.
And how they were treated.
Dirty and dusty.
Scrambled to become,
Trash and waste.
I stand shocked,
And choked.
I stand and stared at the shelves and the books.
I was so sad,
And numb.
But i don’t know how.
And i don’t know why.
But it showed up from my expression,
And actions.
I slipped into the avalanche 
 Of silences and sadness.
My emotions was paused.
The words in my head,
It suddenly,
 Reminds me the life we are living.
The life of Counterfeit,
And forgery.
We never research to educate,
We research to earn respect.
We never read them.
We never touch,
 any of the books.
Fake life.
That is what we want.
Fake certificate,
To fake our progress.

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