The hopeless romantic

Knock knock, it’s you again, I recognise this time you don’t I? You look way more beautiful under a different skin but I would be doomed not to recognize you. I’ve barely recovered from the bittersweet pain you cost me the last time you came around. You left with a huge chunk of me and left me uneven pieces of my heart to fit. To be honest, I don’t what is left of me to feel in other words, I’m loveless right now.

Yet again as you always do you shatter all of my defence with your love, with your affectionate speech you leave me wanting more, for a minute I let my guards down and you come rushing in like a whirlwind.

And I ask, If all of this is true could it just last forever?. Coz I’ve seen it come and go a thousand times and counting, in its rosiness and all of its rustiness.

It scary coz it feels good while it lasts and its stings when it’s shredded piece by piece right before the eyes that pronounced it in the very first place, helpless and sidelined yet full with the hope of saving something that is already in shambles. Caged in deep emotions hoping to relive the memories of a shooting star. Over and over I forget for you it ended before it even started. To me it was forever to you it was passing time. My life is nothing but a show, a show of mystery stemming from the pain you cost me.

Its funny coz your words hold so many a promise yet with no strength or desire to see them through. How paradoxical can you get?

In the light of this, I choose to hide behind my iron gates built up for me in my head hoping to be protected from intruders like you, but there we go again as subtle as always, sweeping me off my feet like every other time, falling for the very same weapon of offence I vowed never to fall victim of again the weapon of your alluring charm and affectionate display yet with no strength of longevity in it to see it to the end, well so I presume you can’t blame me it’s the second nature of your kind.

As risky at it sounds I’m choosing to take my chance again like I always do and
I hope this time it’s real, it’s pure and it’s true, I hope this it’s different not like every transient one that has come and gone. I hope this time you’re different and just maybe you’re the one.

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