How I managed to get A1 in mathematics despite the fact that a WAEC official told us point black that we would all fail.

I remember quite vividly that day when we were preparing for WAEC and my set didn’t go on holiday. We had English language and mathematics consultants and we wrote a test.

We didn’t do well in the test and so the man that came for the mathematics consultant, who said he was called Aje maths was so angry with us.

There was no teacher in the class and  and as normal students we were making noise. The man, angrier came in with our further maths teacher and asked if we were the WAEC candidates for 2019 and he answered that we were.

He then started, first facing our teacher telling him that he is sorry, it was obvious we weren’t going to pass. He said a lot actually, facing us and saying we just wanted our parents’ money by making them register us for the examination. He told us of how we were disappointment to a our school, a whole school inside the University of Ibadan. He said he was part of the people setting our Mathematics paper and it was going to be so hard that it will take a camel to pass through the hole of a pin before we pass.

He said a lot, telling us how hard it was going to be and that if we failed the simple test we did he wondered how we were going to do the main paper.

It was one month to our exam and he was so disappointed that the highest score was 44%. So he wrongly assumed that we weren’t going to pass coupled with the fact that we were still making noise.

When I got home that day, I cried. I was also so disappointed in myself. I had thought I was never going to fail mathematics and so failing the test made me so angry and sad actually not what the man said. But I thought of different ways to prove the man wrong and make him realize that we weren’t dullards as he thought.

I went to our Mathematics teacher and borrowed mathematics textbook from SS1 to SS3 because there were different maths textbook in his office.

I read, yeah😂. I read the textbooks back to back. I practiced hard that there was no questions in the past questions series that I couldn’t solve(no exaggerations). When I thought the questions in the series were too simple, I started solving the concentrated last questions in the textbooks.
Then came the day of the exam, I was really scared. I thought the paper was going to be as hard as the eye of a fish as Aje maths called it. I sat down expecting to be shocked; we were give the paper and weren’t supposed to open it until we were told to do so. But ewoo, Abigail was already pressed oo🤣. We were then told to to open it.

Believe me I didn’t read the instructions which I normally do for all paper. I went to number 1, 2, 3… Up to the last number.

Father, I felt like rolling on the floor for Loving me so. I could answer all the questions without failing (no exaggerations) except for a some strictness in the marking scheme.

I didn’t tell anyone this ohh, but inside me I was boosting that if I didn’t get an outstanding I would have an A. Or else I would complain of not getting my results because it was so obvious to me that I wasn’t going to get less than 90%.

I am not writing this to show off, but to prove the points that:
– In life, to succeed your attitude matters.
– Sometimes, it’s a single embarrassment that will sponsor your hunger. This also has a lot to do with attitude.
It’s either you do all you can to prove yourself great or give in to what another person said about you.
– Never ever give in to negative suggestions by others. 
– It is not who you are today, but who you build yourself I becoming tomorrow. Fine I had 44% a month to the examination but I built myself to be worthy of an A1.

I forever remain grateful to Aje maths for the embarrassment. He made me have a story to tell my generation and that of my children that, “Your success is not in the assumption of any man. You have the opportunity to be at your best if you don’t give in to the negative suggestions of others.”

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