The world is growing old

The world is growing old


Streams are loosing their fountains
Not one is worried
Our culture is in coma
It is local
Isn’t it…? Hmm.

Trees are loosing their leafs
Not one is worried
We voted for you to set us free
But your greed only make our heart bleed
Can you see…? Hmm.

Birds are loosing their feathers
Not one is worried
I thought your words would lift my soul up
It only robbed me of the key to the top
Is this world not sick…? Ow.

Of the truth, the world is growing old
And no one is worried
Since money can now climb more points in the court of law without a mouth
Than that, which a truthful heart can mount
Who will rise, who will help us…? Ok.

Ògèdè ñ bájè e nípé ónpón.
The plantain is spoiling you said it is getting ripe.

Lebi victor Emmanuel
_oluwa vhe trump

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