Think of me as a savior; when life knocks you down

Think of me as a savior; when life knocks you down

When life knocks you down
Itunumi Solace

Dear fareedah when life knocks you down
Think of me as a Savior in human form,
I write emulating the copy of the son of
Liquid words, when he writes his queen too
Tagged “Dear Ivara”

White is an improvised color,
But black the color of all days..
But Fareedah did be impressed with the dark
I see the many battles bottled up in you
In your innocent yet brave heart,
So I write with the many dignity left of me, Fareedah….
If love makes one mad, then let me be mad

So when life knocks you down think of me as a Savior…
I feel you are somewhat a neophyte in matters of the heart, if this is true give it time..I am just a traveler who’s destination is you, I will wait,
For if not you then none else..
I have found a place where my heart belongs, if you are not for me, then our roads should never have crossed paths, my dear Fareedah

I am the child showered with less of love
And some youthful fantasies
So shedding out some part of me is rare
But for you I will pour down many more of me

Everyone Preaches what they can’t give just because of what’s between a woman’s lap
Many a man would give what I can’t offer but would not give what’s beyond my heart, for I have seen the many shades of the heart
I have seen the true meaning of Beauty,
Dark as night,
Her smiles like Tam o’ chanter
But remember Fareedah when life comes calling I did be standing waiting to walk through the storms with you

Everything isn’t going to be rosy,
But should leaving you cross my mind
Then let your childish act made me laugh one more time..
Dear Fareedah think of me as a Savior
And as a lover.

(For Fareedah my own Tam O’ chanter)

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