It was really difficult to decide what this piece should be about. I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I wanted to be sure I was planning to properly achieve it. The result (feedback) I get from this piece is just a motivation for the time I have probably invested in the process (putting this down).

Shall we start with the years you have spent in the education sector? Should I remind you the school fees you have paid? Can you recollect the number of books you have labored to buy?

Are you rich now? Do you ride the car of your choice now? Are you what you want already? The answer is obviously NO and even if you say yes, it is not through this process alone.

Come to think of it, you are still planning to study further. You still want your parents to get loans to further your education. I know some of you are working somewhere now. Do you really want to leave the job and the money to still attend that school? I mean what you have been doing for the past 16years with no result (as in…  It has not given you the Car, Wife, Money etc. you ever wanted).  And you are yet to GIVE UP?


So what does it means to trust the process?

Trusting the process is consciously doing something with a strong belief that what you are doing will get you the future of your dream even when there is no clear evidence. Trusting the process is like a marathon. You already have your destination and direction; you just need to keep moving trusting the direction you have. Here you believe, if you continue the way you are, you will surely get there.

In relation to your ambition, admission and all other endeavors, it is simply doing the things you are probably doing now and trusting that all will pay off in the long run.

How do you trust the process?

  1. Define your destination and develop a map

A great man asked a question; “if you don’t know where you are going, how do you know if you have arrived?” This simply means before you set on a journey, it is necessary to have a mission or let me say a destination (know the ambition you cherish or the future you want). However, this does not mean it is too late to define your destination because you have started the journey (maybe you are in the science, commercial or arts). You can always define and redefine your ambitions. It is just that the earlier the better. Talk to yourself to discover what you really want in life.

  1. Develop your process; your tactics and strategies

Since you already know what you want. The next thing is how do you reach that thing you want? This is the reason you need to develop a how. I mean how to reach that goal. You already know some things in this present system. The examinations you need to pass and all.

At this stage, I am really concerned about the things you do. There are unlimited things to be achieved in life. You only have limited time and resources. When you already develop strategies, you will find it easier to achieve or ignore some things and appreciate some more useful things.

Note: Strategies are quite different from tactics. Strategies are like aggregate of individual steps/actions you need to reach your dream. In all, just let your short term tactics align with your long-term strategies. Don’t get carried away

  1. Enjoy the process

Are you in a hurry to get into that future? You wish you are a Lawyer, Doctor, President etc. already? You see, it is normal to have these kinds of adrenaline rush, but you should not just be in a rush to the future while you miss the moment (your life should not pass you).

You really need to enjoy what you are doing presently. If you are writing exams, don’t pursue the goals of passing examination. It is better to enjoy the reading process too. I do not mean you should not have a goal, instead I mean you should trust the process to attain that goal. You need to enjoy the process too

There is no assurance that you will get to the future. There is no assurance you will get the goal. The only thing we have is the present. You need to maximize it. Learn as much as possible, invest in relationships, make impacts and volunteer when necessary. Otherwise you have lost it all when you don’t hit the goal eventually

Note: Recall that you will eventually need the knowledge you acquired when you get to the outside world. To save your reputation, your client and your goal, you must have enjoyed the process and paid your dues.

  1. Leave your comfort zone

Most students actually have wrong impression of themselves. They feel something will happen to them if they cut their sleep. They jump into the conclusion that if it is not easy, then it is not meant for them.

You see, everything you may ever desire is on the other side of that your comfort zone. If you sleep from 7pm to 7am every day. Trust me you have spent more than half your life sleeping. The sleeping process will not get you want you want. If you cut the sleep, you may not see the result immediately, but the process will pay off in the end.

The US president Donald Trump 3-4hours, Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote sleeps for 3-4hours, Jack Dorsey of Twitter takes 4-6 hours of sleep. I won’t comment on this further

Caveat: Pay attention to your health too. Talk to a professional.

  1. Trust your ability and admit mistakes

Sometimes you see some people and you start asking how your life seems to have been wasted.  They are super intelligent; they are winning scholarships and even making headlines. At that point, you start questioning your ability. You start feeling insecure. Instead of asking winners how they do it, you start looking for shortcuts to beat them. The result won’t be good you know. You need to trust your own process. Life is a mixture of hard work and luck. When you trust the hard work process, it may position you for luck

Steve Jobs was fired from the Apple (tech) he founded, yet he eventually led the company to unimaginable profit when he returned. Michael Jordan acknowledged as the greatest basket baller of all time was fired from his high school’s basketball team. Thomas Edison failed 999 times to invent that bulb you use

They became successful by ignoring people’s validation and paying attention to their mistakes, learning in the process and of course repeating the process.

  1. Repeat the process but be flexible in your approach

Perhaps you have got result for the sacrifices you have made. Congratulations. If you get the not encouraging result, you may need to try again. You should not expect to start building packs after two sets of sit ups in the gym. It doesn’t mean that you are not doing the right thing; it is just that it becomes really right when you are consistent. Consistency is very key

  1. How do I identify the true process?

This is the real question. What if you are dedicated to the wrong process? You see in your journey, there are no unchanging rules to being what you want to be. However, there are general guidelines specific to your dream. It is very important to talk to the right person or persons. It might be your teacher, proprietor, an elderly friend, an achieved relative or someone who is in the proper position to guide you.

I do not mean someone who is acclaimed to be in that position at all. I actually mean someone who has earned the position to mentor you in your dream of choice. This is not defined by blood ties. It is defined by experience, position in life and quality of vision

Just get a mentor

  1. Will the process get me the result?

I could have said NO. This is because nothing in life comes with an assurance. Instead I will say yes, that if you trust the process and repeat it enough, you will get the result ceteris paribus

Ibrahim Asiwaju Abayomi



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