Unwritten poems

Unwritten poems

I’m in coma

Cos… I lost the first battle to laziness
forgive me thoughts.

Hungry, i was no cake
Thirsty, I was no water
Willing, I was no drive.

For my heart promise to stay
My pen and piece in my bosom
But my hands are too heavy to write.

Fearfully the pen dropped
With disappointment the book flew away
My heart cries to love you more.

I know it’s not to late
For i beg you to stay
I will take you farther than the heart.

It’s a promise to win Mr Laziness
Once and forever
That i may come back to you as a prodigal son.

So, lines, dance with me even if you’re sad
Stanzas, play with me even if you’re gat some place to be
Rhythms, smile for me even if you’re angry.


Lebi victor Emmanuel_

oluwa vhe trump

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