I remember the very first day at my first internship, the boss asked me, ‘what value can I add?’ Of course, I am brilliant and this question should not be hard for a sage-like me☺. To my surprised, the answer flew away right from my skull. Was I numb or confused? Or whether I didn’t know how best to put it or what best to say? Or was I looking out to impress the boss? Don’t forget they say first impression matters and it lasts longer. So, I guess I was trying to be watchful. I have my family name to protect, lol.

Anyways, what surprised me is that I couldn’t answer the question as best as you all expected. I disappointed you, right😪. Don’t mind me. I stuttered as I said ‘ Sir, thank you for the question, as ehm hmm a result of my vast experience, wealth of brilliance and knowledge garnered so far, I believe I will do my best and live up to the standard you have in me. I will make sure I remain committed, disciplined and be resourceful.’

Looking back at my internships so far, I’m not sure I knew how best to answer the question ‘what value can you add?’, I just feel I have been doing nothing but stating who I am and who I can be. But, is that the answer to the question? I’m not sure yet.

Well, on June 6, 2021, I have an interview to attend, I don’t know what to expect and to what degree but I know I would still be asked this same question ‘what value can you add?’. But afraid, it may end in tears too😭.

So, if you are asked ‘what value can you add?’, how best would you answer? Please, give me the sapa for this and help a friend in need, June is almost here. Gracias!

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