Who am I

Who am I

Who am I without the love from you?
Sitting outside waiting for the sky blue.

Who am I, I need a heart to love,
A heart beckoning on me but the love in me is off.

Who am I, the love in me is lost,
The only feeling left is lust,

Who am I, I need a bunch of love and a bouquet of roses,
Went to the store to get, all wet cause drawn from water like Moses.

Who am I, people said I’m weird,
Yes, countless times I’ve heard.

Who am I, the one that feels this life sucks,
Asked for geese, but given a duck.

Who am I, living alone with my shadow,
Clearing a path suit for me to follow.

Who am I, got a lot of ocean wave to surf,
Everywhere is windy with no ways to solve.

Who am I, reached the earth and sky,
Aiming for the target on the high.

Who am I, a Poet,
Words, my bracelet.




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