Why Women Shouldn’t Be Leaders


If you are a feminist, I’m guessing you are already pissed by the headline alone, but permit to make a point, a point that would only seem clear to you if you are open-minded to my premise.

Women are wonderful creatures, they are generally more beautiful, smarter, more economic-minded and resourceful than their male counterparts. And you can’t blame them, its encoded in their DNA to be more perfect than men, being God’s latest creation and all (Eve was created after Adam, so Go Figure)

Women can be and should be anything they want to be, but one thing they shouldn’t be is a leader. Here’s why;

For one thing, women are very complex creatures. They go through emotions that I don’t even think the English language has enough vocabulary to describe, especially during PMS and Childbirth. They experience mood swings very frequently and are sometimes incapable of harnessing their emotions. Imagine if Vladimir Putin was a woman, a little PMS mood swing could just make him nuke the entire Third World Countries. And don’t get me started with childbirth…

It has been reported by many medical practitioners and psychologists that no phenomenon changes any creature on earth as much as childbirth changes a woman, for good or for bad. You know how werewolves transform during a full moon?  Well childbirth is a far worse and deeper transformation as it not only changes a woman physically but also mentally and emotionally.  The mood swings, personality change and mind shift. There are even reports of a tendency for women who just gave birth to feel the desire to kill their newborn child.

One of the major characteristics of a good leader is a firm resolve and solid character as this serves as a foundation on which loyalty, integrity and the respect of the followers is attained, and sadly, by nature (not by their own fault or flaw by the way, I still think women are naturally awesome), alot of women cannot boast of possessing such solid character.

Another reason women should not be leaders is simply because they are too important to nation building and grooming responsible citizens. I once read a quote recently that states:

“If you teach a man, you have taught one person, but if you teach a woman, you have taught an entire nation”

The feminist would argue that: “Grooming children is not the primary responsibility of women. Both parents are expected to raise the child.” But I would like to argue that grooming children really is the primary responsibility of women. The act of breastfeeding isn’t just physical, there is a psychological connection to it too. There is a reason it is only women that can breastfeed babies. Even in animals, the female specie is always entrusted with the care of the infant not because it is the right thing to do, but because it is what is meant to be done, dictated by nature. Men also play their roles, but its not as intrinsic and important as that of women

Simply put, the reason women cannot be leaders is because they are too important. In truth, men are not really as important as women if you come to think of it. Women have more important roles as being the most economic/financially sound individual in the family (I have never met any mother who can claim that she is broke, there is always some money, somewhere, no matter how poor the family is.), the most creative and entrepreneurial people in our society (research shows that businesses started by women have a higher likelihood to succeed) & also

P.S: If you are feminist, and even after reading this you might still claim that my logic is flawed and this article is an attempt by the supremacist patriarchy part (i.e men) to establish itself as the only creature meant to lead, but this argument is false as you don’t even know If I am a woman too, just like you. Argue with the logic, not the person.


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What do you think?

  1. You know… I was so relieved when I saw the comments 😂 my somewhat little faith in the youth of today and the future generation is largely restored… (after it was further destroyed by the write up; was honestly hoping for some sort of twist in the writing, twas the reason I started reading it any way🙃 but) it’s all good, I can go to bed now😌 *snuggles under covers and dreams sweet dreams of the world not burning entirely to shit*

  2. I keep seeing “he”… For all we know a ‘she’ could have written it… Shallow minds belong to both sexes as does leadership…

  3. I can’t express my disappointment about this. His/her arguments are way too shallow. Is it because of why women are wired that they shouldn’t be leaders? This writer should go and read the story of great women in history such as Margaret Thatcher, Queens Idia and Aminat, to mention but a few.

  4. What interests me is the note of the person? I mean the PS, others…. Pheeewwww…. Well, you guys can create account and bring on matters arising like this. We’re all wonderful as a voice

  5. Something makes me feel the writer intentionally wrote this to gain attention. You’ve gotten mine surely, but you’ve quickly lost it too.

  6. Even the logic is flawed. Feminism is not a fight for women to become leaders, it’s a fight for gender equality: anybody who is capable and shows the required qualities of being a good leader, should be elected, irrespective of their gender. A man shouldn’t be chosen over a woman just because “he’s a man” and vice versa. It should rather be whoever shows more competency. Using our biological differences as your basis of argument is preposterous and saying a woman is too important is also sexist. And by the way, there are a lot of women who can boast of having a firm resolve and a solid character!

    1. The writer is not talking about feminism. He’s talking about why women shouldn’t be leaders. He didn’t exactly tell us why and that
      Is why the logic is flawed.

      1. He targeted some of his statements to feminists, including his opening statement, which shows he needs to understand the feminist stand concerning leadership. He also gave his own reason why women shouldn’t be leaders which is what is totally flawed in itself.

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