I don’t even know what made me choose this topic to write about. I was gisting with a friend and she asked me how I started writing and what inspired me. I told her that the first post I ever wrote on july 19th 2019 which was about suicide was a life story that I experienced. I actually didn’t think about commiting suicide but I would say that I was depressed for about 2days. Within these days I wouldn’t want to do anything I would just want to stay on my own. So at this point I would say I was depressed and it was the depression that inspired my first post. Depression is a felling or a mood disorder that involves a persistent felling of sadness or lost of interest. Major life events like failure, Job loss can lead to depresison. According to research, depression can be found in college students, teens, adolecents and in children. I would only talk about college students because I was at that stage when i got depressed.In college students

Time at college can stressful, and a person may be dealing with other lifestyles, cultures, and experiences for the first time.


Some students have difficulty coping with these changes, and they may develop depression, anxiety, or both as a result.


Symptoms of depression that affected me are:


difficulty concentrating on schoolwork


sleeping too much

a decrease or increase in appetite

avoiding social situations and activities that they used to enjoy

How i fought depression :


I overcame that spirit of being indoors always.. Although may parents aren’t that harsh about staying indoors, there’s a particular time you won’t wait for anybody to tell you to be coming back home when you eventually go out..


Avoid spending time on social media : this social media has a lot of advantages but disadvantages…logging into Instagram, and seeing pictures of other people is good to see what is going out in the world but when it comes to asking a God why you aren’t like them sets in that spirit of depression..


So here’s a little a little tip that would put you through : Never think too much and always make sure you step outside at least once a day and avoid staying indoors.. And above all, don’t forget to pray and tell God every thing you are passing through..

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