Not all roses are red

Not all roses are red

Hi guys, welcome once again.. Sorry for the delay I’ve been quite busy with exams and other things. This write up is based on an incident that happened in school. I don’t plan on writing a long post so i’ll try to be precise. So this topic came into my mind after an annoying experience i had during my school semester. Most of us are all too familiar with the poetically simple sequence of “Roses are red, violets are blue…” followed by an innocently cliché statement that just so happens to rhyme and fall into tune with the humorous situation at hand. We find it laughable, share some grins and continue on with the conversation, never stopping to realize that there is one problem here. The problem is not all roses are red and not all violets are blue. Back to what happened in school: There is this very close friend of mine,we share virtually everything together . So one day when we were talking, he brought up this issue about a girl he liked and the girl “claiming” she likes her back.. Just looking at her, you would think she has a heart of Gold, but deep inside her is another ball game altogether. So for over two months, she has been playing the game that she loves him too thereby making him think that yes she love him. According to him, his friend noticed that she was just playing along and then approached the girl so the girl opened up to him that she dosen’t like him but liked another guy. My question is why wasn’t the girl bold enough to tell him the truth instead of playing this game for two months? If you have an answer, you can make a comment.

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