When Trust goes wrong

When Trust goes wrong

Welcome once again And happy new year. This is my first blog of the year and I don’t plan on writing a long story but just to speak out for some people. So today, I would be blogging about an experience someone shared with me some couple of days ago. Permit me to ask a question: Is it a crime to trust others? A girl was sharing with me of how a boy she called her best friend betrayed her. Sometimes I begin to reason if having a best friend is really a good thing because it has advantages as well as disadvantages. So, this girl saw her childhood friend about 6 months ago after not seeing for a long time and most of us know that feeling whereby someone you grew up with and spent most of your childhood with suddenly just get separated from you and then boom you see the person after a long time, This was the case of this girl. So according to her, since they knew each other since childhood, they decided to become best friends.

    Little did she know that this guy had a bet with his friends that he would get this girl and she would love him just like that. To me this is so sad because someone you trusted with your whole heart would use you to win bet. This doesn’t make sense and the guy had the guts and the effrontery to tell her all this trash and it hurt her bad. After we would be asking why some girls don’t like boys meanwhile it is because of some experiences they’ve had once in their life with boys that left them with no option but to take drastic decision about boys. We boys shouldn’t toil with girls’ feelings in order to please or impress our guys. To me it really doesn’t make any sense. So, this thing would take a long time for her to recover from this shock. Please we should really try to stop toiling with people’s feelings.


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