How to kill Boredom: 101.
Wait!, don’t scroll, hear me out.
Locked down with no where to go? Tired of sleeping so much you don’t even know what day it is?. Does been on your phone all day bore you?.
I know, been there, it messes with your mind. So let me teach you how to cure boredom, Aramide style!, Stay tuned.

April 1st, when the lockdown imposed in Lagos was to start the next day, I rushed to the market to get all I could. Foodstuffs, toiletries and even makeup. I had decided I was going to spend the lockdown period learning how to glam my face, and I already joined an online class. I trudged through the sea of bodies at the market trying to make last minute purchases.
When I finally got home, my sister requested for my phone to play a game and that was when it happened.
I searched everywhere for my phone and couldn’t find it, I even went back to the market that night, twice, wandering aimlessly, all the while praying and hoping I find my phone. Its no rocket science I didn’t find it and went back home dejected, trying to call my phone and it was switched off, gone, forever.
I went to bed early, trying to hold back the tears and it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. The next morning, I woke up to shut my alarm and tried to grab for my phone, which of course wasn’t there.
I realized suddenly, that here I was, no phone, with two weeks lockdown stretched out, no way to reach out to my friends, no way to even access some of my best reading apps. I couldn’t even get my emails!.

For the first two days, I watched a lot of TV and slept really late, woke up late but I hated it, so I had to make a better plan.
So what did I do?..
1. I made it a point to wake up early and exercise for about two hours a day. It wasn’t easy but I preserved. Sometimes spreading the exercise through the course of the day.
Then I had my bathe, making sure to take my time, which I had excess of anyways.

2. Now hardcopy books have never been a favorite of mine, I prefer to have it all on my phone, ready to go. But I do have books I collected over the years, I read those each day, intentionally making sure I don’t read too fast. There was a particular book I read 3times, and loved every minute of it.
3.The makeup I wanted to learn?, Well I had all the products and no knowledge of how to apply it, but did that stop me?. No, I did it anyways, and I’m here to tell you, A glamed up face takes lot of work!, I didn’t get it totally, but I’ll keep trying.
4. I don’t particularly love cooking, but I did try out new recipes, and if I may say so myself, it was delicious!.
These are all introvert stuff, I know but then, I never said I wasn’t one.
5. I organized dancing competition between my siblings and I and I was happy to know I have some nice dance moves, my neck being the major body parts that moved.
This way, two weeks went by fast and I was hopeful until another two weeks was added. I was heartbroken and depressed, what do I do for the next two weeks again?.
Luckily for me, I was able to retrieve my phone numbers and since the delivery service was working within Lagos, I had a new phone delivered to me.
Yay me!!.
Ever since, I’ve spent time on my phone, taking new courses, learning a new language. I’ve even started writing at least two short stories a day, which is a big win for me as I have had a block for so long.
Maybe losing my phone was indeed a blessing in disguise, as I was able to actually spend time with myself and my family.
I didn’t stop my pre- phone routine, I just added to it, making my day fuller.
This is my second story for the day and I want to go have lunch now.
Break your pattern, make new ones, listen to yourself. Be happy.

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