Because of the pandemic ravaging the world, Social distance is being enforced to keep people safe and healthy, but let me tell you the most painful part of it all.

What’s most painful is even not being able to see my friends o, technology has made video calling easier but as you already know social distancing means no parties, no Owanbe!!

As a Yoruba girl through and through, you should know that the love for Owanbe parties is in my veins. The ‘Yoruba starter pack’.
Is it the colorful attires or the different beautiful styles it’s made into or the people or the music and dance steps.

The best part of every Owanbe is the food of course. What’s a party without food?.
I love good food. I enjoy eating and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
Owanbe jollof rice has this particular taste that is just different from the one made at home. If you happen to come across ‘firewood jollof’, you’ll understand better.

Asides Owanbe, I enjoy cooking for family and friends. Trying out new recipes to the delights of my tastebuds.
I love going out to new restaurants and trying out the food and just thanking the good Lord for the ability to eat and enjoy the food.

My biggest fear when I leave Nigeria is not being able to find Nigerian food especially Amala. How will I survive?.
I’m open to trying out new delicacies but Amala is Amala with Ewedu and gbegiri and assorted meat. Ah!.
God bless whoever invented Amala.

I’d like to travel and experience new delicacies and even try them out myself.
I really can’t wait for this pandemic ends and I finally go out freely again. Go out to all my favorite restaurants paying homage to food.

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