Kindness, I believe is a state of the human soul, it cannot be seen but it can be felt.
Kindness is in the little things we do, a smile while passing by someone in the streets, a hug for a friend, lending a helping hand or even in a compliment.

A little act of kindness done by you may look meaningless but means the world to the recipient.
You have some loose change left from your shopping?. Why don’t you give it to the begger down the street, it might mean the difference between starvation or a meal for him.
You have old but still good clothes you don’t wear anymore, donate to the orphanage.
Excess food, give it out!.

Be kind with words, you don’t know what the struggles of the person.
Using Social Media, people tend to get carried away and hurl hurtful comments all in the name of savagery.
A compliment as basic as, ‘ you look good’ can brighten someone’s day. Doubt me?, Why don’t you give it a trial.

You don’t have to be as rich as Jeff Bezos to be kind. You may have little now, but come compared to some people, you’re privileged. You can make a change.

Kindness makes you a happy person, beautiful even.
Be kind, it doesn’t cost a thing!.

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