Life isn’t ice cream

Life isn't ice cream

Life isn’t ice cream

Ever been to an ice cream parlor, The popular Cold Stone creamery maybe?, then like me, you probably would’ve been confused sometimes what flavor to go for. Should I go for my all time favorite, or try a new flavor with different toppings.
With ice cream, like so many other things in life, you have to go for what you can afford. If you can afford Cold Stone ice cream with different flavors and toppings, definitely go for it.
A tub of Fanice to calm your nerves on a stressful day, or even if the pink and white swirl with more ice than cream scooped on a cone by vendors and accompanied by nursery rhymes is all you can afford, by all means go for it and make yourself happy.
Unlike ice cream though, life isn’t all sweet and perfect. Life requires a balance between sweet and sour, good and bad.
When the bad times hit, remember to always look beyond the problem. The first thing I do when I encounter a problem is breathe.
It might seem absurd but taking deep breaths makes me calm and I proceed to see the problem as not mine, but as someone else’s. Like that, I’m able to intervene as a third party, reflect on what I did wrong and what possible way to address that.
Like eating ice cream, if you keep comparing your own little cone to another person’s giant tub with different toppings, you end up not enjoying yourself.
Life is like that too. Jealousy or envy will keep you stagnant. If what you can afford today is a little cone, you can save up for a bigger one or for a whole tub next time.
You should be encouraged when you see someone better than you. Say to yourself, “one day, I’ll get there too” and actively work towards it.
You know ice cream just don’t appear out of thin air!, It requires specific ingredients, measurements, and effort to make.
You have to whip the cream to perfection, careful not to over whip it, lest it turns to butter. You have to know just when to add the other ingredients, to give you the perfection which is ice cream.
In life, you have to know how to invest in yourself, in your studies, career and businesses. You have to make tactful decisions. Those decisions you make today, influences your results tomorrow.

The better your ice cream ingredients, the better your ice cream. The better your decisions and choices today, the better your future results.
Ever had ice cream without toppings?, You will agree with me it’s not as heavenly as with different toppings. Alone without toppings, ice cream is still ice cream, but with toppings, it is transformed into something so special.
Like ice cream, we should all endeavor to be around people that brings out the best in us. People that are supportive and with them, we can be the best.
I forgot my ice cream on the kitchen counter and came back to meet a messy puddle. Why can’t ice cream survive room temperature?.
Your environment plays a big part of who you turn out to be. Staying in a toxic environment, you unconsciously internalize all that toxicity and it becomes you.
If you think your environment is not helping you grow, move away!. You’re the only one that can help yourself.
Not everyone will like you, you’re not ice cream!. Some people still doesn’t like ice cream too, especially if they are lactose intolerant.
In everything you do, always remember.
When there is a down today, there will be an up tomorrow, like a see – saw. Try to find happiness wherever you can.
You’re not perfect, and perfection is overrated anyways.
Life isn’t perfect too, life isn’t ice cream.

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