Stranger things – Tales of Egbere p

Stranger things - Tales of Egbere p

If you attended a boarding school in Nigeria, you will probably know this story.

When my best friend left for boarding, I was really sad, but when she came back, all the stories she told me sounded like something from a Harry Potter movie. Simply unbelievable.

I remember the one that seemed the least believable was that of cries of a baby that was heard behind their windows at night, along with the supposed ghost that parades the halls at night dripping blood from it fingernails.

Calling someone “Egbere” ( bushbaby) when I was younger,indicated that the person cries a lot and become annoying while crying.

Let me tell you the story of Egbere as was explained by a first hand witness:

Egbere (bushbaby) is a gnome of Yoruba folklore which just happened to be real.

It is said that “Egbere’s” cries imitate that of a normal human child, therefore luring unsuspecting humans to their death.

Egbere also has a mat and lantern which if gotten from the gnome, will make the person in possession of the mat impossibly rich. How can a mat possess such power?!.

Easy Peasy right?!.. No!

To get to the mat of Egbere, you have to possess considerable power, charms and bravery the likes of which haven’t been seen before.

When you eventually acquire the mat of “Egbere” (Bushbaby), then your problem just started, not resolved.

When you’re in possession of the mat, Egbere will come to your window every night without fail wailing loudly for you to give it back it’s mat.

Even if you live on the sixth floor of a building, it is said that Egbere’s cries will sound as if it’s right next to you, depriving you of sleep and slowly driving you mad.

The mat must not leave your sight for a minute, lest it disappears. This test goes on for seven or more days.

If you’re still alive and coherent at this point, Egbere’s cries ceases and you become unbelievable wealthy until your death when Egbere will come back for it’s mat.

Failure to pass this test however, is horrible death.

If you lose the mat within the seven days, or you return the mat back to Egbere just to retain your sanity, it is said that Egbere will claw at the person, eat their organs and leave the body at the edge of the forest for all to see.

Another folklore which I heard from my father was that of the mortar and pestle.

He said ” if after pounding yam, you wash and rinse the mortar and then use the water to wash your face, if you go to market, you will be able to see ghosts”.

He also said that if you bent over and looked through your legs at the market, you’ll see ghost too.

I haven’t tried any of this (I’m a coward at heart), but I’d love to know if you are going to try it.

What other strange things do you know about?

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