Something strange happened in my dreams last night. I had superpowers!.

I had the power of teleportation and trust me, I went to all the places I’ve ever wanted to visit and that was a very long list. I woke up feeling sore but very happy and desperately wished I had real powers, how cool will that be?.

If you’re a lover of comic books characters like me, you would have read about or watched on television the various characters with superpowers.
Watching how they save the world from villians and world end. I do hope that they show up for this covid-19 pandemic, that would totally be the best thing ever.

Sometimes I imagine having superpowers of my own, been bitten by a spider or to be an alien from a distant planet. It will be really cool to be able to fly anywhere and anytime along with other cool powers.
Unfortunately, I’m just a Nigerian teenager whose only superpower is to wake up by 2am to raid the refrigerator and finish a tub of ice cream without getting fat. That is also a good superpower right?.

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