True Happiness

True Happiness

I made a dramatic entrance unto the dance floor, the colorful bulbs illuminating my boobs and my long legs in the low cut dress.
I swayed to the beat of the music, moving seductively through the sweaty crowd.
” Hey Vivi, where have you been?”.

Sandra said as she gyrated between the thighs of a fat sweaty man. His eyes roved over me like and he smacked his lips showing a missing tooth and extremely large lips.

I eyed him derisively as I sat down opposite them and lit a cigarette and poured a drink.

“Babe, how na?, Why you dey slow today na”.

“Where you dey see this kind client na?, He just fat like drum”.

“You siddon since, which you don see?”. I passed my cigarette stub to her as she sat next to me, both of us scanning the club for the next client.

“Sandra, wetin be true happiness?” I suddenly asked.
“Happiness?, Wetin be that?. Na money I know olosho dey find, wetin concern olosho with happiness?”

“That’s not what I meant Sandra”.

“Customer!” Sandra stood up then and walked up to another man making small talks.

Sandra has been my best friend for three years when she inducted me into the prostitution business.
We were both students at a reputable institution but started prostitution to afford our fees.
I wanted to stop this business, but I have no other means of paying for my fees.

“Fine girl, come dance with me na”.
I put on a seductive smile as I moved to the dance floor, twirling in his arms.

“How much for the night?”. We negotiated and I went out with him to the car, driving to a nearby hotel.
I pushed back the revolt threatening to gag me and sidled up to him and kissed his neck.
We got down to business and soon he was deep asleep beside me, all spent.

I crept away from the bed and rummaged for money in the crumpled clothes on the floor.
I saw a briefcase beside the bed and opened it. It was filled with money.

‘Should I or should I not?’.

I picked up the suitcase and made my escape.
With this money, I can afford to pay for my education and do any business I want without ever having to go back to prostitution. I could feel happiness bubbling within me. It was such a strange feeling. I got back to my room and slept like baby.

The next morning, the face of a man crying on the morning news was over the news. He claimed he had been robbed of his boss money who was threatening fire and brimstone.
The man had been my client the night before!.

I felt really bad for him and wanted to return the money so he could get out of trouble.
Just then, I heard my landlord shouting outside my door.
If I return the money to the man, he’ll be happy and I’ll be back to the club looking for a client to make ends meet. If I keep it, I’ll be happy instead.

I decided to keep the money instead. It might be a little selfish but my happiness matters more and right now, this money makes me happy, even if it’s not true happiness.

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