Look at what you made!

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Eyes staring into the distance, never crossing the boundaries of the present; for the future is only thought of by those that can afford the luxury. Soul already lost in a bargain for daily bread as his untamed spirit basks unyieldingly in gross maleficence. A head housing a supposedly developing mind, forcefully aged by worries that would cause even the grown to groan. 

An innocent child dragged from the heavenly ambiance into this vile world by reckless predecessors enslaved to the desires of their groins. Adults, I daresay, who should know better, in a bid to experience minutes of bliss, sentence another to decades of torture. A crime concocted by two with consequences suffered by three. Yes, Life has always prided itself to be unfair but this… this is beyond having a grudge on equality. 

What is child within soon rots away as reality comes ax-swinging early, too early. Denied of even the coldest of Mother’s warmth or even the most sparse of Father’s care he is forced to shed his juvenile skin and grow up a little too early. Now, his face locked in a permanent frown, with lips never having a day shaped in an upward curve. His memories, if painted, will be in greys and blacks as that is the only way to make apparent the darkness he knew as his past. His tongue has never tasted a finer dish served from a source other than the garbage, and his skin knows not the comfort a warm bath brings. His eyes have cursed themselves blind to see any good the earth has to offer and the only thing visible is the very disgust of the human ways.

Look at what you made! Stare into those bulging unforgiving eyes and recount the irresponsibility of your past. To you, it might be a mistake, but to him, it is a sentence to a life of trials and hardship. It was never only your life at stake.


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