N.O.A.H: Not Of Any Hope

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The sky darkened with a nefarious resolve, as she howled violently like a wounded vixen hell-bent on vengeance. It seemed a storm drew near, but it did little to draw Noah’s attention. He was drowning in an ocean of ravaging waves of thoughts, which made materiality a subliming concept.


Noah stood at the peak of Salvation tower- the tallest structure around, not looking to be saved since faith only made a mockery of his situation. He was at his lowest point at this highest point. He was haunted by the nightmares of his reality, but what could a teen, who was just almost eighteen do to a thing. He felt powerless like a lamb led to the slaughter, he was forced to take the spectator seat in this great tragic drama which was his life.


This very day was the eve of his birthday – year eighteen, the year that marks his exit from his safe haven, into the callous, brutal unforgiven world. He was scared out of his mind. He knew the day would come when he had to leave, but this little bird didn’t want to fly.


Freedom ought to be a beautiful thing, unfortunately, this imprisoned being has fallen in love with his cage. His frail nature and doleful countenance, which could melt the most hardened of hearts, had made him the cash cow of his dear motherless home and throughout his stay, he was heavily milked. Raised only to be pitied, pity became the only weapon in his arsenal to survive the gruesome war of survival of the fittest, no wonder he is terrified of the wild world away from the sanctity of his fading home. He was far from fit, his defeat was imminent.


Noah, so named after the character in the good book that symbolizes hope for all humanity, but this Noah was an empty husk of flesh devoid of even the tiniest of hope. He is NOAH! Not the one you are accustomed to, he is Noah…Not of any hope.


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