Our Love is Forever

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Chris was very cagey when it came to matters pertaining to love. From his first day in the university, his avoidant nature had occasioned a lot of worries in the minds of young ladies in his class. He had always been defensive on the reasons he hadn’t want to wade into love like a dock wading into a river.

His intelligence, physique and logic, had made him the choice and talk of everyone, especially the bevies in his class. But because he did leave their love unrequited, he earned the nickname, ‘Brother Chris.’ It had been a reminder to him, the sarcastic one he earned during his high school days, ‘Miss Chris.’

Some jocular friends of his, had held him in total ridicule. ‘Chris’, they had always told him, ‘you act like a girl, and one day, girls who have the boldness of boys will ask you out.’ Chris had continued going about his school activities, without blushing, and without caring to care which girl had the boldness of boys.

First year had gone. Second year had also gone. In his third year, a jaw-dropping beauty in his class had determined to trap him with her bold show of love. On the eve of the day she finally hooked up with him, she had walked up to him and whispered in his ear, ‘I love you.’

In the twilight of that fateful day, Chris had the inkling that danger was ahead of him. When the young lady came to him for him to help her do her assignment, Chris had sobbed like a puppy that fell into a scalding water, when she made him do something to her. Amid his woes, he turned to her, held her hands, looked into her eyes and muttered, ‘Miss Ann, our love is forever.’

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