Dear Santa

Dear Santa

**A silent night it was, lonely and cold
A night that left a memory that won’t die easily
A night of pain and despair
Where fear almost slit my throat
The night my younger sister fell into the cold hands of death**

>>We’ve always been a lover of Christmas season until she was no more
Always expecting Santa to beat upon us glad tidings
We prayed, hoped and expected each year but Santa didn’t answer us
Maybe he only visit houses with address but since ours was under the bridge, maybe he couldn’t locate us

We’ve heard kids talk about the love and gifts Santa brings for them each Christmas
We’ve seen the joy on people’s faces, the fireworks and Christmas tree
Heaven knows we wanted some of it
We’ve known no love ever since our mother died
My sister has been sick ever since

Tonight I lay on the rags I made into my bed, trying to find comfort for my sad soul
How can life be so cruel? How can Santa give my sister the gift of death?
I thought Christmas is meant to be a season of love, a season of life and joy
Why does it feel like the whole world is against me

Dear Santa,

If you ever find my letter and if there be any good left in you
My sister never stopped believing in you, she never stopped believing in love
And I’m still alive because of what she believed in
I will wait this season and hope you’ll find me.


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