Home Calls for Me


My heart long for my home sweet home
Where the wind of rest abide
and the Sun shines mild
Home, the cradle of my life

I long to find rest for my ever wandering soul
Rest for my never ending troubles
I wish to be held in my mother’s arms
For her sweet words will comfort my troubled soul

Take me home on eagle’s wings
Let me ride on the back of the western wind
Piercing through the clouds to the place of my rest
Home’s call echoes through the empty space of my heart

Take me home, the balcony of angels
Where my tears will be wiped and my every sorrow will seize
Where I will finally gaze into the eyes of my true Father
Beholding Him in his eternal Glory


Many of my friends have gone ahead of me
My heart yearn to see them once more
Hold the hands of my father and feel the hold of my mother
I hope I get to see them when I get home

Send words to the weeping mountains
Let the flaming trees bare the tale of my journey
Let the wind announce that I’m coming
Take me home, my home sweet home

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