Portal of Angels


I want to take a peer into eternal realms
I set out to sail across the vast sea of life
Where walls don’t exist and mortal men have not discovered
A portal into other realms


As I stand on this horizon
Of the ever shifting landscape
I hear the rhythm of the sea
And the beats of the wind in my ears

I hear the present song
Of the past dirge for lost souls
From the growing shadows
Of what lurks in emptiness

I brood over my past
Where time flies and never return
Where we cherish the darkness above the light
On the plain across the crooked path
To the mystery of the forbidden forest.

I am on a journey to a place called tomorrow
Where stars never fades in the sky
A place where hope and joy will be eternally
Where the wind of time will blow away memories from yesterday


I’m on a journey to the doorsteps of Angels
The man across the river of life awaits me
I hope I don’t die in this living dream
For I will keep sailing until fish can fly

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