When I am mooned over your beauty,

I smirk in contempt of your elegance.

I Metaphorically refer you with nature

and Similize you with adorable things of life.

I mutter words of admiration,

Soliloquising with Apostrophe

“O! Behold, a woman that possess the beauty of goddesses.

You speak in Paralipsis and Litotes

Bringing memories of nights of intimacy,

Mmmm… Nights of Onomatopoeia, Crescendo and Diminuendo.

Nights of diffusion, from the lips to the beneath.

In Chiasmus of no regrets we reminisce,

“Such is life, life is such”.

Now I gaze at you, a Pantomime

Setting Tragedy ablaze in my mind,

Resurrect Comedy in a second of time.

You cause my hand to write in Verses and Lines

As your sweet words of love

bring me a verse with Rhyme.

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