Harvester of souls.


        Harvester of souls.

He takes a step towards the threshold and knocks,

“Open up! Thy time is up!”

“Oh! You’re here for my soul, not so?

I beg of you, give me more time, I’m yet to explore the world.”

“Nay! It ends now man.”

He walks up to the next door and knocks,

“Open up! Thy time is up!”

“Oh! I believe it’s you. Give me more time, I beg of you.

I’ve got my kids to look after.”

“Nay! The time is now.”

Then to the last door, he knocks,

“Open up! Thy time has expired.”

“Alas! I know it’s you. Can you spare me more time to prepare?

I’ve got my grandchildren, they still need me.”

“Nay old man! You’ve explored the world enough, thy time ends now.”

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