I am lost!



   I am lost!

I am lost in the maze,

Bemused by its complex networks,

Of ceaseless twist and turns,

An harbinger of uneasiness.

I am lost in the woods,

Of comparable gigantic bamboos,

Resting rooted roots beneath the earth,

Not knowing the right route to the outside world.

I am lost in an island,

No raft nor boat to sail with,

Just loitering and living_ surviving,

The beastliness of its merciless harsh weather.

I am lost in thoughts,

Each with its repercussions,

Swarming higgledy – piggledy,

Toughening options and choice making.

I am lost in the world,

Of rights and wrongs,

Whichever path I choose seems wrong,

Still searching for the truth amongst myriads beneath the sun.

I am lost to the world,

Each with his or her burdens to solve,

As the day turns dark,

Ceaselessly till eternity.

I am lost to myself,


Muddled cum frustrated,

Still plying jumbled paths_ for a way by the roadside.

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