My Jewel


                 My Jewel.

 While wondering how to describe    an angel

 Then came before me an amazing    jewel

Whose beauty glows as she walks elegantly

Her astonishing eyes stares invitingly.

Behold the charming charm with a childish smile

Drawn across her lips in a dazzling style

Pink and tender_ filled with life

All can’t but gaze at a her angelic display.

A glimpse then a stare, I got drunk

It’s just my luck your lips were made to mock

So intoxicating a being, so refreshing

Lo! She is near, her bossom, so tempting.

Like the gentle breeze after a heavy rain

Pleasingly cool and pure in the open planes

Her voice, sonorous and pleasant, so plain

Than the Nightingale, what more could I say?

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