The Patient Strive.


     The Patient Strive.

Dear 2018,

Amidst perilous travails_pain and despondency,

From families and friends_haters and enemies,

All life challenges and adversities,

Yet I have come so far!

Amidst exasperating outbursts and appalling criticisms,

All in a bid to put me off my dreams,

To cast me out of its success streams,

To wreck my success ferry_I hardly scaled through,

Yet I have come so far!

Amidst several breakups and shattered relationships,

Rejections, scorns from hypocritic friends,

Academic heebie – jeebies cum failures here and there,

Yet I have come so far!

So far to achieve my desires intact,

To make things right for me,

To rid myself from limitations of the past,

And vanquish forces of malevolence with great valour,

To ensue a brand new year with the right motivations,

Indeed we met to part, and never part to meet.

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