Efemena, simply known as Efe for short is a native of Sapele in Delta state. He is currently studying Civil Engineering in one of the University in Delta State. He was due for his Industrial Training [IT] programme, so he had to travel to Port Harcourt, after all attempt to secure a placement in Warri failed. He arrived Port Harcourt to continue his search for an I.T placement, though without any specific connection or assurance from any quarter. Efe decided to be going out every morning to scout for placement from one company to another. Still, all his efforts appeared futile and he was fast getting frustrated and disgruntled.

Weeks later, he made a friend who shared in his plight and invited him to church so that they can together give a Spiritual approach to this lack of I.T problem. Efe obliged and sooner became a regular worshipper in the church. The number one item on his prayer request was, Lord give me a suitable I.T placement in a reputable company. All Efe needs now is an I.T placement, every other thing can slide as a distraction.

There was something that happened consistently whenever Efe was in church. The ushers wether intentionally or unintentionally will always direct a particular pretty lady to sit by Efe. This was almost the case in every service. I don’t know if I should describe it as coincidental or supernatural. But it kept happening. During sermons, she had always taken Efemena’s diary to update her note whenever she misses a Bible quotation or any other vital content in the sermon. It was customary to take notes during sermons. They were like desk mates in a class. For the umpteenth time, she had appreciated Efe for having a beautiful penmanship [handwriting]. She was now an acquaintance, but Efe had a clear and innocent mind.

After service on a certain day, she intercepted Efe and demanded to know him better. She officially introduced herself as Amaka from Enugu State. She just passed out from NYSC last month and she’s in Port Harcourt helping her Uncle in his business. Efe in-turn introduced himself and stated the reason he was in town. Amaka promised to help Efe secure a placement by taking him to her friend’s father who knows someone that knows the Human Resource [HR] manager in a company. Efe had already decipher that she likes him. ‘Cause from day one she had always wanted to initiate a proper discussion with him. But he can’t even lie to himself. He likes her too. She is very pretty with a good command of English Language. But this is serendipitous, he said. How can I be looking for I.T placement and God will be showing me a woman. Though he had plans of getting married immediately after school, but in the interim, I.T placement is topmost priority.

After four working days, Amaka was able to make good her promise and Efe secured an I.T placement in the company. From acquaintances, Efe and Amaka had become very close friends. One day, he eventually took the bold step and told Amaka about his feelings of LOVE towards her. She reciprocated by telling him she felt the same way for him the very first day they met in church. Whoopee! The two became lovers. The love between the duo grew and waxed so strong like that of Jack and Rose in the old Titanic tale. Efemena thanked God for giving him a double blessing. God had eventually answered his prayers, an I.T placement and a pretty life partner to match. This he said as he put the engagement ring on her finger. Months later, Efe completed his I.T programme and returned to school.

Two years later, Efe had graduated and was ready to marry Amaka. Amaka had never met Efemema’s parents except through phone. But Efe had met Amaka’s parents on one occasion but that was unofficial. Just to mention, Amaka had been visiting Efe secretly while in school. On one of such visits, specifically her last visit which she had to pass the night over in his place, the both uncontrollably did the “BAD THING” which they regretted and promised never to repeat again until after their wedding. Gush, It’s very disturbing to see how youths of nowadays have lost the ability to say NO to their libido. Then I asked, is it really possible for two singles deeply in love to pass the night together without doing the “BAD THING”? Hmmnn! It will be easier for the Carmel to pass through the eye of the needle, my conscience answered.

Efe finally invited Amaka to Sapele to visit his parents. What I would rather describe as Sod’s Law occurred when his parents sought to know Amaka to her root as it’s typical of an Urhobo parents. They started inundating Amaka with questions from every possible angle about her people. Every thing went bizarrely when they discovered Efe and Amaka were actually related by blood after tracing back to three generations. Amaka is Efemema’s second cousin. But how could that possibly be true? The intending couples asked. Efe is from Delta State and Amaka is from Enugu State. This is it, the parents started probing. Efe and Amaka have the same great-grandfather. Efemema’s father and Amaka’s mother are cousins. Efemema’s grandfather and Amaka’s grandmother are brother and sister. They have same the same parents. Years ago, Amaka’s grandmother got married to someone from the East and gave birth to Amaka’s mother who eventually got married to an Enugu man[Amaka’s father]. Suffice to say that Efe and Amaka and related tracing from Amaka’s maternal grandparents. How soon is a sweet love story coming to a dead end. A love story that was about to culminate in a beautiful family. The duo had already fixed their wedding date secretly.

I don’t mean to add more trouble to what’s on ground. But before I drop my pen, I want you to know that Amaka had already been tested to be three (3) weeks pregnant.

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Written by
Odafe, Austin Johnson
© Copyright 2020

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  1. Well, they don’t have direct relationship…let them marry and call their children:


    The prefix IBI in Yorùbá means these ones parents are related🤣🤣

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