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The timing of a business is as important as the business. To every business, there is a right time for it’s success. A good business idea or principle would fail in an improper timing.

As you make your permutations on how to apply a business principle or idea you’ve acquired, give more time to studying the right time for it’s execution.

There is something significant with time, event and business. Let’s go granular.
Your birthday is in December, but your friend calls you in September and starts singing sweet birthday songs to you. As significant as his action may be, it won’t strike anything in you that will get you excited. Something was wrong, timing. Same song on your birthday in December will certainly get the butterfly in your belly parading with excitement. It’s only natural that way.

Years ago, internet cafè was a lucrative business but you would hardly find one booming now. The internet is now on your palm any day anytime. Time has shifted.

Time determines the success every business in life. Your strength to survive in any business is drawn from your ability to understand the position of your business as time shifts. Your inability to identify this will cause you to be antiquated without knowing.

Strike when the iron is hottest. Don’t sell your umbrella when the rain hasn’t come.

Emphasis: The timing of every business is as important as the business.

As time shifts, we shift, our business shifts.

ODAFE Austin Johnson

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