This year, you must be specific with your goals. Pick ONE THING out of them all as an arrow head goal and pursue after it passionately.

Give it a priority approach and deliberately deploy your resources towards achieving it.

“A man with too many goals will hardly achieve any”

You must learn to speak like Apst. Paul, “this ONE THING I do”.

May be that was the reason you didn’t crush your goals last year. You pursued too many things at a time. Like chasing many rats …lols

Target ONE THING and FOCUS on it.


“Being ambiguous with goals will only culminate in a bunch of unattained goals”

Different types of skills are being advertised everywhere, but not all skills are meant for you.
Know what you want.

Those who succeed big time, are people of ONE THING. Every big name you know today is traceable to ONE THING.

When you identify that ONE THING, pursue after it passionately and carry along with you this mentality — “If I fail, I fail and if I succeed, I succeed” and mean it.

Records have shown that people who made such statements in their pursuits never ended as losers but had always crushed their specific goals.

I’m not going to bore you with a sermon, you’ve already had too much last year. But let’s smartly examine some Bible figures who went all out for a single course with the “If I fail, I fail and if I succeed, I succeed” attitude.

🕳️ Esther: The whole of her life was just for ONE THING; the liberation of the Jews. She pursued that course unreservedly by saying”if I die, I die and if I perish, I perish”. She attained her goal.

🕳️ Daniel: He was ready to die for ONE THING he believed in, prayer. He dared the lions. That’s equal to saying “if I die, I die and if I perish, I perish”. He returned from the den as a top administrator.

🕳️ Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego: These fellows were hell-bent never to compromise ONE THING, their faith. They said to the king, “if we die, we die and if we perish, we perish”. They were thrown into the fiery furnace, but returned as champions.

🕳️ Ruth: She believed in ONE THING, that her destiny was tied to her mother inlaw. And that same purpose she was willing to die for while pursing it. That ONE THING made her to follow Naomi relentlessly and eventually crushed her goal.

That’s how I know, people who make such statements as the above while pursuing a particular goal, don’t die but will always of a necessity end up as celebrities.

“Please pursue that ONE THING with all you’ve got”, it will surely announce you to your world.

Am I saying you shouldn’t have other goals or aspirations in life? Nope! But ONE THING must stand out as the big picture and every other thing is at the expense of that ONE THING.

Infact, that ONE THING is the motive fluid that would drive your other petty goals or aspirations later on.

The success of this particular ONE THING would mean the success of every other goals.

⭕ You knew Dr. David Oyedepo as a pastor before as a proprietor.
⭕ You knew RMD as an actor before as a politician.
⭕ I knew Anthony Joshua as a boxer before as a Nigerian..lols
⭕ I knew John Maxwell as an author before as a pastor.

ONE THING must bring you out first before other things will follow.

Take note of these two distracters when chasing that ONE THING this year.

✴️ JEERERS: These are people who will be intimidated by your success. They will readily throw tantrums at you and will vary with your thoughts at all cost. You will encounter them more on social media.

You must behave like a sprinter who is focused on the finish line and wouldn’t give in to the jeering voices of his opponent’s fans.

✴️ CHEERERS: These are your supporters who would be impressed with your success. They can constitute a distraction too. Don’t let their cheers and sincere approbation of praise get into your head. Hence, you become lax and start feeling you’ve arrived when you still have miles to cover.

“There is never an end to Success”

“Dangote still dey find money”

Ps: Be FOCUSed [Follow One Course Until Success].

And never forget, be man of ONE THING.

You will get it right this time.

See you at the TOP.

ODAFE Austin Johnson

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