Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow


Fault finds itself on others, never our own shoulders 

Redirecting blame, further tangling the chains that hold us

Ever wondered that maybe we are tackling this backward

Ever dawned on you that one man could change the world?

Deeming it important that we come out of this victorious

Often time and chance, time to time, available to all of us

More than ever effects the reality we want and if it lasts


Isn’t it apparent that change exists at the end of a decision

So much so from deep inside myself, a primal undying mission?


Can a single voice then, I’m thinking, cause ripples unimaginable 

On to others, shaking the core of what was once ‘stable’?

Moving on towards this enlightening realisation so empowering

I decide to be ‘out there’, obnoxious, loud, maybe even unbecoming

Not trying to fit in but completely move pieces around in this puzzle 

Going where few ever ventured: I strongly believe it’s worth the hassle


Tell me then, if not by being questionable, would we get answers?

Only then will we find the right tints and shade for our canvas

Marching on forward knowing very well we have in sight our vision

On a cause that deep from our hearts we feel commisioned

Rarely do we ever, in unison, feel this drawn to a primal purpose

Reality check has hit us: We need to rise out of the ashes

Over our fear that what’s in the broth carries way too much spice

What’s more alarming is that damnation is one more act of ignorance way. We’re dangling breathlessly on the precipice…


Hopefully, we’ve come out here today. And all I can hear are souls chanting. 

That indeed: F-R-E-E-D-O-M I-S C-O-M-I-N-G T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W!

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  1. Great poem – I love the subtle rhythm of injustice and yet fight that pervades through this poem.

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