Across the board…
Being in the present, being in the Now
Continues to be the antidote to chaos
Delegated from among other practices
Experienced and expressed by many
Far out and wide in many a line of thought..
Great and small. And what they’ve discovered?
Having your mind float around in nothingness
Is your personal Nirvana! You may be asking
Just how is a state of unproductiveness
Killing time and your available resources thereof
Lurking about in inertia. Verily, is that what is..
Making the HUGE diffrence in people’s lives you say?
‘No! Just can’t be’. You may be thinking. Hear me out though..
Only when there’s absence of thoughts and actions
Particular time slots to completely disconnect
Questioning nothing, Accepting everything as is
Residing to your almost sleepy state
Still. And expectant of your core to seep out
Then and only then
Undisturbed and unperturbed
Vouching for yourself to be one with the universe
Waiting patiently for a tug from the essence of you
Xenobiotic impulses starting to show
You come out of the session and know…
Zeitgeist, the spirit of the age, is lifting you from the hollow

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