Tale to the unborn

  • Tale to the unborn ( War)

    Tell the unborn!
    I am a warrior,
    I have won trophies
    And yet unbeaten.

    Tell the unborn!
    The power in my dagger is poisonous.
    Never they play with it_
    For souls will weep at it’s feet.

    Tell the inborn!
    My ammunitions are in safe,
    Well packed for their sake.
    May there be no war over the sharing.

    Tell the unborn!
    Seek peace_
    For all their wars are done.
    I left for heaven, for their sake.

    * * *

    Tell the unborn!
    I studied for their sake.
    My roaming were for them
    But never should they relent on their heritage.

    Tell the unborn!
    I wake at 4,
    Sleep at 10.
    Yet, I was never sick for once.

    Tell the unborn!
    My library is a precious home,
    Find solace in it
    And live therein forever.

    Tell the unborn!
    I shall die again;
    If they fail or fall.
    Beseech them and let me have my peace.

    * * *

    Tell the unborn!
    I laboured for them.
    Though, died on a labour,
    I was still given a befitting burial.

    Tell the unborn!
    Never worry
    But stay strong.
    To be a man, it takes time.

    Tell the unborn!
    The lakes are filled
    But never they get drowned
    For I had prepared them a ship.

    Tell the unborn!
    Never they put on the heavy shoe.
    Let one man toil for himself
    So as to be independent on oneself.


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