The Agony Of Those Young Kids.

The Agony Of Those Young Kids.

See how miserable the life is!

We can work but aren’t eating well.

We can work but we have no resting place.

The shame we bear is the shelter we have.


Day in day out_

We mingle with with whom we shouldn’t relate with.

Where is our family?

Not in the slum where we dwell in.


Far away from home,

Who chased us out

Hunger did,parents did, poverty did.

Only God can Judge.


See how beautiful we are though in pain.

See how pleased we even with the odours.

See how bright the sky is as the smoke climb.

See how fertile the land is retaining the refuse.


We are babies but we aren’t babies.

Young but older with ages.

Ages inferred from torture_

Given to us as an experience.


Out there on earth,

We were offered to street.

We have surrendered to it

And that was how we attach to it.


Struggle never end,

Trouble never cease.

Challenges always come

For man will always fight.


Give us a home!

We want a family!

We want education!

And we love better life.

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