Painting & Poetry by:

Oniosun Victoria and Awoko Emry.

Can you see through the spaces of my shadow?
I am aimless and hopeless.
Can I bring back the colour of my real being?
No! I am a lame in my true being.

The soul in me lost it’s pole.
The me and me left alone.
The image I claim, the image of pain.
And the pain in me,
The tears I share.

Roaming a circle in squares,
Dynamism in challenges
Mystery in encounters
I became troubled heavily at heart,
It seems getting beyond my might.

Pay back my decency!
Sincerity with transparency,
Accountability with devotion.
Can all this be gone?

Plainly story, I tell.
Blamed but innocent.
Will I forever continue to languish_
In the fate which I, not at fault.

File out my piece,
I have been cut into pieces,
Shattered like a glasses.
Gather me again, I cry!

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