Covid-19 Pandemic :Technology Becomes A Means Of Surviving

Covid-19 Pandemic :Technology Becomes A Means Of Surviving

Covid-19 Pandemic :Technology Becomes A Means Of Surviving
Year 2020 is never easy to be forgotten in the history of mankind all across-the-board both nook and cranny of the world witnessing the epidemiological characteristics of an outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) in China which translated to the year 2020. Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi was said to be the place where the virus was initiated from ever since the explosion of this novel virus the world become unrest, panic here and there here comes the viral used word social distancing with this, everyone became vigilant to touch one another, speak to each other without using self-protected widget called nose mask transacting business was heavily affected around the globe, with this there is need for solution to restore the world from this pandemic, a better way of thinking needs to be adapted then technology comes out to rescue,restore and providing the solution to immediate needs of the world .
Surviving the hurdle amid of pandemic
The role of some prominent giant technology companies and the internet cannot be overemphasized social media, Facebook , Instagram and Twitter have come a long way to rescue and restore the world as most people quickly set up a way to communicate, interact, and transact business online since close interaction and social engagement is not possible to effect. Another way technology assisted in this movement is the use and adaption of virtual meeting on some tech based video app for communities, organizations, government, colleges and universities on Zoom, Google Hangouts and the host of others this is aimed to facilitate the world economy and makes the life easier for people across the world
Virtual network brazing the needs
In addition to this Facebook comes up with an interesting content on their platform by introducing Facebook Room an intension created where people can host live talks on video and communicate effectively and efficiently thereby providing way for economic engagement
the study found that smartphone applications that allow patients to self-report, along with wearable sensors enabling physiological data collection, could was used to monitor clinical operation in hospital and healthcare institutions
In conjunction to this it is becoming clearer that we will not be able to continue where we left off. A new normality has been forced upon us and we must therefore look at how technology can help mitigate risks now and when this new reality crystallizes.


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