Fate is what is bound to happen
Whether you will or not, it will still happen
A young man destined to be an actor
Though he may wish, but will never become a doctor

Let him rave all and all
Willing to work in a surgical theater
But what he is bound to be afterall
Is to work on an amphitheater

Fate is that which will always be when the end comes
That which happens to a man
And men says it’s God’s plan
Like a step mother loving her daughter to hate
Men comes and says “Accept your fate”

Fate is the word for every bad occurrences
Things that happens leaving us no evidences
Like the man who died at his gate
Then men comes and says “It’s his fate”

And when a good man marries a good wife
Having wonderful children, living a good life
Men comes viva voce, during their lousy talk
Not to talk of fate, only to speak of luck

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