Forgetting: To A Fellow In SS3G

Forgetting: To A Fellow In SS3G


I remember the days of the future past. When worries was all about different crushes, the oncoming waec, the already failed tests, and what life will be like after SS3.

Oblivious to the present past, it was too familiar that I never thought, a time will come, when I just want to go back. If those days were recorded on tapes, I’d be willing to part with fortunes just to have them.

So take a journey back with me to those days but first let me set the scene with my words. I learn the basis and basics of science, including the laws of demand and supply, in a four-walled class with two doors, the front one for teachers and people like the genius, who was ironically nick named after a cow breed, and the back door for bosses like Hunter and Arteta.

I remember the sitting setting depicted the different circles( or colloquially; gangs) we had in class then. The geeks and the nerds, occupied the front row, of whom we have Matthew (the aforementioned genius) and Co while the jagabans with the woman leader (do you know her?) sat at the southern east of the class (taking the board side as the north). My memories are foggy but I think Olaide girl sat with Rahmat around the third row in the second column. But I remember vividly, my best friend sat between Elizabeth and Toheeb. I was on the edge of my column and to my right was Kenny (Tintin), Arteta(who calls me Marshall) and Olaide boy (who used to switch seat then). The row behind me consist of two close friends, Basirat and Anita, with Boluwatife and the girl from Ogo Oluwa hostel who always ask about time when the closing hour is near. I withheld her name. So you see, sitting was all about circles.

Subtle things we took for granted then but are the cherished part of our memories now. Like that tradition of going to the JSS 1 classes to ‘shop’ for chairs. Then their carpenters got smarter and made their chairs with heavy wood. So you see a good chair but it’s too heavy to carry. Remember the graffiti on the wall at the back ‘This was here’ ‘That was here’ ‘Forget me not’ and the likes, until we took initiative to paint it off. Who remembers Makinde Christianah for her ministerial service during Thursday Home Truth Meetings or the day Matthew took the whole class on a topic?

Teachers are great personalities, who at solemn times like this will be remembered for their unique characteristics. Our class teacher under the mango tree, with her iconic Bob Marley hairstyle will not be forgotten. Do you remember Mr Ozai our math teacher? Who has a mysterious gait and eyes that looks like that of a Mmmm. Till this day I still wonder whether he was a corper or a regular teacher. Or Mr Akeweje, the legendary Agric teacher, who taught the subject so seamlessly and effortlessly to the point of arousing many’s enthusiasm in Agriculture. His notes were much but we were happy to put it down even through dictation. But there was this other teacher, experienced, but he just literally read us Essentials. Do you know him?

Do you remember the day Grandma (our chemistry HOD) tied an imaginary nuptial knot by calling Basirat Baseet? I remember how hours and minutes indicates moments to rush down to the yellow building, and download the exegesis of the human body inscribed on a black wall( or board) by one Mrs Etiaka. Then in another instant we were upstairs (or downstairs) writing about the spontaneous reaction between oxygen and carbon as communicated to us by Mrs Munir( I think this happened in SS2).

One of the highlights of the day, then, used to be when you gave an answer like “Yes I have” to questions like “Have you completed your chemistry note?”. The asker, most likely, end up saying “Thank God. I will copy it from you.”

Exciting moments used to be when Sobitan Iyanu imitates Mr Bello, the economics teacher, with the infamous line “Oja ta oja o ta, owo alaaru a pe”. Or when the biology teacher asked Olaide female(grandma) to start an explanation of how the mosquito bite affects the Human body from “When the mosquito bite you( she {teacher} points to her {Olaide} … “. Ignorantly, Olaide turned to the teacher and began “When the mosquito bites you… “

Or when we discovered that Mr Adekambi’s ( Baba physics) story about some undercover spy amongst us, who report about any unruly behaviour amongst us and doesn’t even know each other (as if we were in Quantico), was all a myth to put us in check. There was a boy nicknamed Fungi because he mispronounced Fungi (poor fellow pronounced exactly the way it is written, fun-gi). And please, was Bori our class captain then?

It has been 6 years now since we wrote our last Waec paper. Time and experience is starting to beclouds my memories. My facts are not apt but I’m sure have taken you back to the ‘then’ with me. I don’t have the tapes, hence the reason for this endeavor; to write not about forgetting but about not forgetting.

Though I have yet many things to reminisce about, I’d like to pause here till some other day.

From a fellow,
Who missed you and those times,
One love.

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  1. Wow, it was never my intention to throw a get together party on Tell! But that’s what it turned out to be. Thank you all for taking time out to read, drop your heart felt comments and sharing the link. I do not take it for granted.

    Thanks to Tell!’s 31-day writing challenge which gave the opportunity to come up with this piece and a close friend who informed me about it.

    Fellow agsobas, I must say that many were still left unsaid in the article, many interesting personalities I didn’t mention, old time relationships I didn’t talk about and so many other things. So the article is not to talk about every memories held in awe but to remind us that those memories are the memento we took away from those times. Our cherished keepsakes. And nothing could replace or substitute for those memories, not even us coming together once again in a whatsapp group. So keep holding on to our memories.

    Since it’s a party(check how I began this comment), let’s raise our imaginary glasses and cheers to times of reminiscing!

    P. S: I’m sorry for replying late.

  2. Wooow I’m lost for words , I’ve been smiling for about 20 minutes non stop trying to picture those good old days . I remember always getting into trouble with our class teacher because she and my mom were close friends and she was also our neighbor back then 😂. It’s sad we can’t relive these moments anymore but I’ve learnt to cherish every moment because it’s eventually gonna become memories just like this one . On a lighter note BTW , why isn’t anyone remembering OG and ATAMA 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. I didn’t go to your school
    I only showed up once to write NNPC exams there when I was in SS2 schooling in Mowe😅..
    But honestly, this piece is truly amazing.
    And I guess I can say without shame that I’m a bit jealous of you guys🙈🙈🙈😀
    Nice work to the writer!
    You did amazingly Well in capturing moments.
    Well done!

  4. Ok, this was an absolutely beautiful piece. You somehow did the impossible. You condensed years of experience into a couple of paragraphs and nothing was amiss. Thank you Ayomikun for reminding me!

  5. Awwwwwn
    This is awemazing, Mr Adekanbi’s rhymes🤣🤣🤣🤣 I remember the day Mr ossai made mistakes while teaching us mathematics, and to the best class teacher in AGS,I so miss her smile. AY, thanks for bringing us back to those sweet memories.

  6. Wow!
    This is awesome

    I remember the days of going to collect the government textbooks that most of us never used … Lol… 😂😂😂😂

  7. wow wow wow,I couldn’t help but smile all through. You brought back a memory so priceless to me.I remember being the class Monitress in SSS 3G, and how Mr Bello will shout class Monitress with so much stress and how I will run down to collect chalk from the admin office.I remember posi running to the window to hold it when Ade gabs makes any grammatical error. How baba Physics’s class used to be like a grave yard and that every morning prep before our waec.Our ever amazing Mrs ogunleye for her motherly love .Remember Mr osai’s first day in our class,he said he had prayed not too teach our class because we have a lot of brilliant students. Times when the prefects will go for meetings and the remaining students in class will play all through.Remember our class party then,lol.Thank you so much Ayomikun for bringing back all these wonderful memories, it means a lot to me.I hope to see you all one day, very soon.
    I love you all plenty plenty,shine on guys

  8. Wow! So amazing. Those days I cherish so much! I remember back then in SS3F before waec Mr Adekanbi was sending out students without badge from the class! Luckily he couldn’t find me then the class continued as he was walking and talking around my side everybody laughed because he couldn’t find me. He was suspicious something is going on until he finally got me. He said “you stand up” I replied “Sir I no well o” everybody laughed uncontrollably. He said “what do you mean, my friend get out of the class. What of Babas other slang “I wouldn’t know”, I pity the innocent parent, Orun o yabo!

  9. Wow! This is absolutely amazing and awesome. Thanks Ay! You really captured some cool moments. It was really thoughtful of you.
    I must say that those beautiful moments spent together with you guys in Abeograms can’t be forgotten. They were 6 wonderful years. And I must confess that I’ve missed everyone.
    Those days were just awesome. A lot of memories.
    Is it the days of Mr. Saanu beating us for not doing portion? (SS2f) lol
    Or days when you tried to run to your class after assembly instead of marching gently.
    Or the days when we would trek home from School, whining one another and playing bottles on the road.

    They are truly unforgettable memories. I can only pray that the Lord keeps everyone and grant us success in every of our endeavours. We will surely re-unite One of these days.
    I love you all! Up school.
    Thanks again Ayomikun!

  10. Wow! I love the tone of the writer. God bless man,I’ve always tried to awaken the memories by discussing with any of my colleagues I meet. How I wish we all could document what we remember from those days.

  11. Wow, inspirational. Kudos dude. Hunter didn’t u give my friend Pari and always disturbing Mr Bello. Indeed everyone was unique in a way. Miss u guys

  12. Omg wow
    Moment then were amazing ❤️
    I can never forget the best class Captain in the world (Posi) lol
    Always understanding…days with my gheng in the back (Sodeeq,gbenro,basit,Suliat,Atioro,rahmon )

    My world best class teacher have ever had ❤️❤️ ..can’t forget the day she was beating me for attendance and I turned it into dance😂😂,she laughed and was like the boy sha 😂😂😂
    Baba Oddey as I was jokingly called then 😂
    Chai ..those moment we will all cherished forever ❤️
    Okorie Samuel with his mumu jokes
    Timothy sef kon Mad pass 😂

    1. Lol, hunter baba… how far all this ur brotherhoods. Dem for don turn agbawo now o…

  13. Thanks AY for this piece of our memories. But that Mr Ozai part made me laugh more. I remember Mr Adekambi using ‘stretch’ instead of ‘stress’.

  14. I wonder why my name came repeatedly but then I smiles chin to chin reading this piece,I hope your crushes are doing well and keeping in touch,much love

  15. Wow, this is really fantastic
    I love this and thank you for taking me back to those sweet memories we had back in those days. I really appreciate this Ayomikun
    Thank you once again dear

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