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“What shall we say to these things?” Hope Jacobs said to herself.

She just came back from her brother’s room. Tony had narrated his ordeal in the kidnappers’ den to her. He told her all Kayode’s heroics; how he gave him his cloth during cold nights, keeping himself warm by doing push ups, encouraged him to fight his fears in the dark, letting him have the bed when they moved to a better cell and how he already saved him from the kidnappers hands but it was their disagreement and his own anger that got him back into their hands.

“If I had been calm and sort things out with him amicably, rather than walking out on him, we could have noticed that we…No..I was walking back to our former cage. He came for me when he had the chance to escape and in the end I got my freedom but he lost his. So you see why I can’t just forget him there? If not for him, Hope, there would be no son for Mum to ransom. That ‘nonentity’ saved my life, so I have to save his?”

Hope has left her brother’s room confused and sad. She felt pity for Kayode and she agreed with Tony that it is their responsibility to get Kayode out of his captivity but her worry was her mother’s contrary opinion. She never wanted to go against her mother. She is her best friend and they agree on most things. Heretofore, her hostile attitude towards poor people has never been a problem for Hope. In fact, she had gladly left one of her previous boyfriend the day she learnt he was from the slums. She knew he wouldn’t be approved by her mother so she saw no point prolonging the relationship and some part of her believed she doesn’t really love the guy. Let to her, she has no issues with the poor and she has no issues with her Mom for having issues with the poor. She just thought it’s her philosophy and everyone deserve a right to their opinion. Moreover, she love her.

But she love Tony too and her mother’s choice is hurting him. She had thought Tony’s return would make everyone happy. Everywhere has been gloomy and everyone disturbed the minute they realized Tony was missing. At first her mother has ranted all day when Tony wasn’t back and it was already late. They couldn’t sit down and have dinner that day. They all began to panic when it was 8:00pm and Tony was not back and his number wasn’t going through. They sat down all night waiting in the sitting room for her brother to come back. Her mind went into frenzy that night and different thoughts kept flying through his mind. The next day her mother couldn’t wait any longer so she hit the street. There was a total lockdown which made her movement quite difficult. She had to beg different government officials, bribe some and some even humiliated her before she tender her explanation. She had rolled on the tarred road, jump like a mad woman, barked out in anger some other time, lifting and scattering her head gear just to get past some stubborn government dogs. She has never seen her mother like that before. They, herself and her Mom, went back home that day disappointed.

The next day her mother decided to check places like police station, juvenile homes and hospitals maybe something related to those places has happened to Tony. She refused to let her come along, saying, it would be through stressful and that she might be exposed to terrible things. Hope didn’t buy it, though she stayed back, she knew her mother’s major concern was to keep her from witnessing it if she had to make a scene with the law enforcement again. Yet she came back that day without her brother. She said she searched everywhere including an hospital filled with COVID-19 patients. Her father has done most of his own part from the house; calling different people. No one knew Kayode’s house so they couldn’t reach them.

Then one day, a call came, and it was the kidnappers. At first they didn’t believe them because they refused to show them evidence of what they were saying. Then they sent them pictures of Tony and his friend. Hope’s mother took it from there and only informed them of the progress and told them when Tony would be back. Hope and her father never bothered about asking concerning Kayode. They were just glad Tony is gonna be back.

“Who would have thought Tony’s arrival wouldn’t bring back happiness into their family. Tony doesn’t even know what mother has done to get him back. All the stress she went to searching for him” Hope said to herself.

“I need to talk to Mom” she said as she left her room.

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