KINDNESS: The Tale of Two Brothers

KINDNESS: The Tale of Two Brothers


Once upon a time, in a far away land, at a time when witches and wizards, goblins, dragons and all magical creatures coexist with humans, there lived a king in a kingdom who begot twins named Robin and Robert. On the night they were born, the queen wailed and cried in agony going through great labour. Robert came out first and the labour was so great their mother died before she could give birth to the other twin. Robin had to be delivered through magical means in their lifeless mother.

And so they began their life with death. Robin and Robert grew up to be identical. They were tall and handsome. Pointed chin with a cleft, brown hair, long nose and a skin that shone gold in the afternoon sun. They both have auburn coloured hair but Robin loves to keep his hair full while Robert always kept his short. That was the distinguishing factor between them for an outsider and those who worked in the King’s castle knew Robert has green eyes while Robin has blue eyes. They were perfect.

Until one day, Robert discovered he has magic. He could move things by merely thinking about it and with the right spell he could conjure up fire and rain. At first, he was happy and satisfied pulling little tricks like doing his chores with his powers or raising a dead flower. Then his power began to grow and he began to thirst for more power. He started consulting memoir of great witches and wizards that ever liveth, and when he stumbled upon the spellbook of Emrys, the great King Arthur’s sorcerer, he thought it to be too cheap and pure. He wanted something dark and powerful.

Meanwhile, Robin became a good archer and wanted nothing else than to go on hunting games with his manservant Rajar, the elf. In the castle, goblins and elves run the administration of things from preparing the King’s food, looking after the stables and cleaning the whole castle. They were the King’s servants and slaves. Unlike Robert, Robin is kind to all and sundry. Keeping Rajar was one of his act of kindness, they’d go hunting games together, chatting along the way and on their way home they would stop by at Helen’s hut, Robin’s heartthrob, to prepare the game and have fun.

One day, Robin was hunting alone in a deep forest when he saw a white dragon held by a magical chain. It was his very first time of seeing a dragon, let alone a white one. He was awestricken. The dragon was suffering; breathing fire in anguish. When the dragon saw him, he communicated to him telepathically.

“Young prince you must help Gyraehagar”

He looked around to see who just spoke but he saw none. Then he heard the voice in his mind again and this time he was sure it was the dragon communicating to him.

” Gyraehagar is dying. You must help Gyraehagar. Gyraehagar is the one talking to you.”

” How? You are bound with magic and I can do no magic” he replied him viva voce.

” Say this spell; askte au meccria gyraehagarus ungebunden sur”

Robin believed he could do no magic unlike Robert but he cast the spell after much persuasion from the dragon. To his amazement the chain glowed and went loosed. He was scared when the dragon rose flapping his huge wings and his height diminished Robin’s height.

“You are kind to Gyraehagar Prince and you have saved Gyraehagar. We will meet again, till then remember! If Gyraehagar wants Prince to do magic, Prince will do Magic” he said as he flew away.

Robin went back home bearing questions for the King. He wished to know why dragons were not common like the other magical creature or what Gyraehagar meant when he said he will do magic if he wants him to do magic. At this time, Robert had already been a scoundrel with his powers. He’d terrorize Robin and his friends with his powers. He had called Helen the daughter of a serf one time in a bid to prove to Robin that they shouldn’t be lovers. Robin refused to heed to his blabbings so he turned Helen to a chicken and when Robin asked him to undo his magic he said he was only having fun, mentioning that the spell will wear off in three days. Robin had to feed her corn so she wouldn’t die before her transformation back to a human being. She stayed away from the castle after the incident and only see Robin when she’s sure Robert is not watching. So Robin knew if he could do magic then he would be able to protect himself from his brother.

The king told him dragons and humans were once allies and kings ruled with dragons then. Dragons can bestow magical powers on anyone they wish and to any degree. But men became corrupt with power and dragons were pure magic creatures. So they left human, never to be seen but promise to come back when they find the worthy one.

On the other hand, Robert found a secret sect that performs dark magic and told him two ways he could be the most powerful sorcerer and have access to the darkest magic. The first one was to find the white dragon and prove to him that he is the worthy one while the second one was through a spell that involved killing seven elves. But he has to be the king before he could cast the spell. He knew both ways were difficult; he has never seen a dragon in his life and there’s no way he could be king when his father is still on the throne and even if he dies, the people would have to choose between himself and Robin and he knew he is not people’s favorite.

But fortune smiled on him when the King kicked the bucket few weeks later. Robert was desperate, so he framed the King’s death on Robin and asked him to be chain in the dungeon. Rajar showed up in front of Robin one night and told him of all Robert’s plan to use the elves for a spell. He told Robin that the castle is not safe for him again and that he must escape. In the middle of the night, Robin escaped and stopped by at Helen’s Hut to pick her but she won’t follow him. She said she couldn’t leave her parent behind.

So Robin went into exile for years and no one knew of his whereabouts. Without Robin, Robert became King and ruled with tyranny. He killed the seven elves and cast the spell. And his body was the vessel for all dark magic. When he became king, he made life terrible for everyone who was kind to Robin. He made Rajar do the menial works and he enthrall Helen and her family. He was wicked and there was no one to stand up to him.

The news of Robert’s tyranny got to Robin. For everyone that has been to the kingdom mistook Robin for the Wicked King as they now refer to Robert. It got so bad that Robin had to live in bushes and only go out at night donning a cloak to conceal his face. He knew he was the only one that could end Robert’s rule but he decided to do nothing until he heard about what Robert has done with Helen. So he set out to find the dragons and ask for their help.

He searched and searched, from kingdom to kingdom, mountains to mountains, hill to hill, but couldn’t find them and when he would have given up, he found Gyraehagar. He was tired, weak and couldn’t walk when serkets(magical scorpions) attacked him in a deep forest. He was ready to die when he heard wings flapping and he looked up. What he saw was rain of fire before he fainted.

“Young Prince, we meet again” the dragon telepathed as he regained his consciousness.

He told him he has been looking for the dragons because he needed their help to fight his twin brother but Gyraehagar refused to follow him saying the dragon hasn’t found the worthy one.

“Would you rather stay here and watch as Robert keeps killing people?” Robin has said to the dragon. Gyraehagar was unpersuaded but he gave Robin a magical sword to fight his brother. So Robin set for home, hoping he’s strong enough to defeat Robert.

In the night they faced off, there were lots of thunder and lightning. Robert never ceased casting offensive spells, his green eyes has turned red from excessive use of dark magic and he was intent in killing Robin that night. Robin had to just run him through with the magical sword but it was difficult to get close to Robert. So much of what he could do is to defend himself from Robert’s magic. They fought for long hours and the whole castle was shaken. Then Robert got too strong and Robin couldn’t keep him at bay. He wanted to run the second time but Robert held him with a spell and blinded his eyes with another. He was hopeless and tried to convince Robert that there is still some good inside of him.

“Robert remember the days before your magic. We were friends. Remember how we used to trick the old man down the hill with our identical profile. He would caught me and I would say it’s you. You always come to my rescue then. I believe that Robert is still in there”

“You’re bluffing Robin. Have always been the bad one. Father said I killed mother, I’m the selfish one who is unkind to everyone. I turned your woman into a chicken and your manservant is my footstool. I don’t do good and I never wanted to. I love being the bad guy but you just won’t let me be. You should have stayed in exile and never come back because now I’m gonna have to kill you.”

Robert was about casting the fatal spell when Robin heard the familiar flapping of wings. Help has finally come and he could feel the heat from the dragon’s fire. Robert was shocked and began to cast some defensive spell but his powers were no match against the White Dragon. He was defeated in no time. Gyraehagar was going to smite him with his blast when Robin stood up for him.

“Gyraehagar has to kill the Dark Prince” the dragon insisted.

“He is still my Brother, Gyraehagar”

“But he is Dark”

And when the dragon wouldn’t back off, Robin shouted with a loud voice and his blue eyes shone intensely, glowing.

“You will let him live!”

“What will you have me do Master?”

Robin knew something has changed. The dragon referred to himself as ‘me’ for the first time and he called him Master.

“What just happened dragon?”

“You are the worthy one Master. I never knew it all along but it was obvious now that your kindness is unmatched. You stood for your brother even after everything he has done.”

“So if I’m the worthy one, why did you call me master and refer to yourself as ‘me or I’ and not ‘Gyraehagar’. I thought the dragon ruled with the worthy ones”

“No Master. The worthy ones rule the dragons and that is the greatest power a man can possess in this age. And it is a sign of disrespect for a dragon to call himself by name in the presence of his master.”

Everything became clear to Robin and he understood the power he now wield.

“Can you divest my brother of his dark magic and render him impotent anytime he tries to use dark magic again?”

“As you wish Master”

“And restore my vision please”

“As you wish Master”

So Robin sight was restored and Robert was stripped of his dark powers. Robin undid all Robert’s dark magic in the kingdom. He became their King and he married Helen, making Rajar his right hand man. He ruled with great wisdom and integrity and wouldn’t use is powers as the dragonlord unless it was completely necessary.

As for Robert,

“I’m leaving Robin”

“Where would you go Robert?”

“I will go to a far away kingdom and look for greener pastures. You have forgiven me Brother and I’m grateful but this kingdom will never forget the horrible things I have done. Your queen wouldn’t want her child to meet the uncle who turned his mother to a chicken just for the fun of it. I have too leave.”

So Robert left the kingdom and never returned for a long time. King Robin and Queen Helen gave birth to another set of twins; a boy and a girl. They named them Rickard and Eva.

They kingdom was peaceful and everyone lived happily ever after not forgetting the great kindness of King Robin.

The End

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