Life Isn’t Ice Cream

Life Isn't Ice Cream

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Life Isn’t Ice Cream

If not for the circumstances surrounding their current situation, Kayode would have taken some delight in laughing himself to stupor discovering this new side of Tony. He had always known that Tony is a spoiled brat, he has everything he ever needed, but to be afraid of darkness is one funny thing.

At first he thought it was just the shock of being kidnapped that Tony found terrifying but then their captors decided to turn on the light and Tony was relieved, yet Kayode didn’t notice until the power company did their thing and Tony screamed. Kayode had to knock him out himself to prevent him from attracting the kidnappers’ attention. They hate to be disturbed and even if they don’t, how will he explain to them that it is the absence of light that set his friend off like a siren. He could imagine their annoyance, what if they kill them for that?

As if that wasn’t enough, Tony refused to eat the food they brought them because they didn’t put fish. He kept complaining about cold even with his pullover. Kayode had to pet him before he ate the food and he gave him his armless to keep him warm. With ten push ups every now and then, Kayode regulated his bare body’s temperature.

He knew Tony’s parent is their one chance of getting out of this mess. Baba K, that’s what people call his father and that’s how they refer to him too, has nothing to give no matter how small the ransom is. Things were already tough enough for his family even before the pandemic, he knew when they discover what happened to him, it will be easier for them to forget he ever existed than to try and look for the ransom. He knew his master card was to take care of Tony, besides that, he is his friend. He has to be there for him, he has done it once, he will do it again.

“What are you thinking?” Tony interrupted his thought. He is awake and there’s light in their cell, so no worries.


“What about home?” Tony sat up across where Kayode sat.

“I’m thinking of their current condition now. How are they going to be feeding?”

“Feeding?” Tony’s eyes widened “What about you missing?”

Kayode twitched his lips. “It’s just two days,Tony”

“Two days?”

“We have been away from home for just two days.”

Tony is unaware of the fact. “Oh my God! My family will be damn worried.”

“Ah ah. Is it the number of days that will make them worried? Or the fact that you’re missing, whether it has been 1 day or a month?”

“That’s right. I hope we are out of this place before the week ends anyway, not to talk of a month.”

Everything went silent for some minutes, then Tony broke the silence again.

“So I don’t understand, what has the number of days has to do with your family worried about you missing?”

“That’s our differences Tony. The number of days matter less before your family realize you are missing. Mine may never know until after two weeks.”

“How’s that possible?”

“I have been away from home for a month and no one even called me despite the fact that they didn’t know when I left the house”

The look on Tony’s face was a mixture of shock and surprise.

“Why are things like that in your house?” Tony asked. “That’s not normal”

” The presence of money or it’s absence defines the norm” Kayode remarked.

“Maybe that’s true. Is that why you think feeding will be their worries now? Because of the absence of money?”

” Maybe. I’m a co-breadwinner in my family. And since the pandemic, with Dad’s work fluctuating, I have been so the breadwinning job. Without me, they’d have issues with feeding at home”

“How come I don’t know about these? “

“There’s no reason for you too. Have been supporting my dad since I left secondary school and he told me he couldn’t support my education further. I had to survive, so I hit the street.”

“How come you are a student of Achievers university with how expensive our school is?”


Kayode knew how strange all these information will be to Tony. Ever since he paid him a visit at his house and he has discovered the kind of person his mother is, Kayode had made sure they rarely talk about his family or background. He prefer he held on to the little he knew before that visit. He thought there’s no point filling Tony’s head with how miserable his life is. Moreover, he hates it when people relate to him based on his rugged background. Whenever he’s at Achievers, he made sure to drop ‘who he is at home’ at home and live the life of ‘who he’d want to be’ in school. But right now he knew Tony has to see him for who he really is, to understand that his life isn’t Ice cream, if he is ever going to have a chance of surviving this.

They heard footsteps approaching their cell, few minutes later, the drug addict showed up. Kayode thought he came to give them food but…

“Your parents are not cooperating. You know what that means?”

They froze.

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