The Hustle is Real

The Hustle is Real

This story is in sequence with other stories I have posted on Tell’s 31day Writing Challenge. You might want to read the previous stories for better comprehension. Thanks.

The Hustle is Real

It took days to devise our escape plan and Kayode was the chief architect. We only had few obstacles as far as we knew, our cell door, the building’s door, and the gate. We knew nothing of what lies beyond and Kayode had successfully convinced me that whatever lies beyond couldn’t be as dangerous as the threat we stand to face by staying put inside our luxurious cage.

“We move tonight” Kayode had said. 

I was lying on the lone bunk, staring at the ceiling, when he made the declaration. We really don’t know the time of the day, whether it’s morning, afternoon or night. The room has no window, only the air conditioning takes care of the ventilation. We only guess the time of the day by the meal they brought to us and we have been counting the meals since the day they brought us here.

“You mean after tonight’s meal?” I asked for confirmation. 


“But why night?” 

I have improved greatly over my fear of darkness but, still, I would rather not take any chances.

” It increase the success probability of our escape. We can be easily concealed by the darkness “

Darkness, I thought, is something have always considered as a foe. Now, Kayode is saying it will be our friend and help us escape tonight. I dread the thought. Kayode must have seen my fear. 

” Don’t worry Tony, everything will be fine. I will be there for you” he added. 

I believe him. I couldn’t imagine if I was the only one these monsters had kidnapped. I’m sure I would have died of one thing or the other, either my anxiety or shock or anything. Kayode has been my support and confidant. So once again I confided in his words.

“All right” I said as I sat up and joined him on the marbled floor “Take me through the plan again”

“OK. As you know, we face three obstacles majorly to escape. Three doors. No guards.”

“Can we be so sure about that? You know it looks ridiculous how much guards are at the other place and none will be here. And from the look of things, the net worth of this place is higher than the other place”

“You are right Tony. The net worth of this place is probably higher than the other place. Which is why this place has no guards. This place is secure. Look around you Tony, we have no window, the walls are strong. Unlike the dilapidated ones back there. The whole building is isolated in a bush. This people expect no one to try to escape here. The circumstances are not encouraging to think of escape. So no need to waste their security here when they can utilise them there. Remember how bouncers should to patrol over there, since we get here, have you noticed such? C… “

He didn’t even wait for me to answer his questions. “OK, I’m convinced.” I thought.

” All right. Continue” I interrupted him before he spend the whole time trying to prove to me why he thought there are no guards here.

“Good. Like I said before, I would have loved to knock out the one bringing food to us and take his bunch of keys but that will be too forward. Every other inmate we know we are escaping. So we use the bones instead.”

We have been keeping meat bones in our meal since we came up with the plan. Kayode had told me he could pick locks with thin metals but we knew we wouldn’t be able to get metals so we decided to use bones from our meat. At first, we couldn’t get desirable sizes and shapes. Then we cunningly suggested to the guard that brings our food the kind of meat we know has the bones we were looking for. We didn’t expect him to fulfil our request but surprisingly he did. Since then, we’ve been keeping thin bones of different sizes and strength.

” Should I get them now? “

“Not yet. But make sure they are ready”


“After the guy deliver out food. We waited for him to leave and after, say, fifteen minutes we move. That’s all you need to know. I will take care of the rest”

And that was it. When nightfall came, the guy came as expected, delivered our food and left with the former meal plates. When it was time to leave, I produced the bones. Kayode tried picking the lock the first time and the tiny bone broke. It was successful the second time.

The whole corridor was silent as always. Seems everyone was asleep in their respective cells or they were preparing too. The corridor was properly lit and we tiptoed to the entrance door. I followed Kayode closely to the door and stayed behind him as he quietly pick the lock. When the door opened, we were hit with two surprises; it wasn’t nighttime and a guard was standing at the doorway giving us a suicide-inspiring look.

Maybe I was the only one surprised because Kayode looks prepared for the possibilities when he lunged forward into the guard and knocked him out with his elbow. That made my third surprise in the space of 2 minutes. Where did he learn that move from? I wondered.

We ran to the gate and Kayode tried picking the padlock but it wasn’t unlocking. We thought of jumping the fence but it has been rigged with barb wires. We were confused. Small noises from the cells indicated that the inmates knew something was going on outside. Then there was a moment of eureka

“Kayode the guard!” I exclaimed “He should have a key”

We checked his body and I was right. We took the bunch of keys and tried the keys one after the other until we got the right one. The door opened.

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