When The Pandemic Ends

When The Pandemic Ends

When The Pandemic Ends

If you are working with NCDC or you are a policeman, pilot, or a doctor, or you sell groceries (essentials), so this pandemic has no major effect on your life, hasn’t change virtually anything about your daily schedule, then this one is not for you.

Also, if you are infected as at now, or a family member of yours has been infected, so your mind is currently in a frenzy state right now. Be calm, I pray things turn out well but this one is not for you. For the one who is infected, when you get better, come and read this.

Now to you, yes you, a student I hope, who the only way this pandemic has affected you is the cancelled (or post poned) activities of your school. Or you, who hasn’t even seen an infected person since it all began so every thing you know about the pandemic has been through the media, that is, what you’ve heard people say or the ones you watched on CNN. This one is for you.

It is for you who has had time (from the consequent lockdowns) all this while and healthy (because you are not infected, at least yet).

When the pandemic ends, there will be a story to tell.

Would your story be about how you spend the whole time panicking because you have fed on too many 5G stories or how you assisted in propagating it? Or will it be about how you finished seven different seasons of a series on Netflix?

Your story could be about ten different girls on ten different night, so when the pandemic ends we are already expecting Corolabi, Corotunde, Corolari, Alex-covid, Covidson, Al-Covid, and the likes.

When the pandemic ends, your story could be about how you took a course online. It could be about how you learn a skill. It could also be about how you got better in your course of study because you had more time to study. It could be about how you utilize this time and not just let it pass doing nothing or doing frivolous things.

Stop panicking about what’s not. Humanity has been around for a thousand years, natural disasters has happened, war, famine, earthquakes and yet, humans are still around. So don’t think this will be our end.

When the pandemic ends, I will see my friends. We will gather under the gigantic trees, in front of an hostel named after a lord, or on a tarred ground where holy cries are offered. We will hug each other as though we are scared of being separated again. We will tell each other our respective COVID stories, and I will show them the funny pictures this time has produced (have been keeping them).

When the pandemic ends, in years to come, we will tell a story and this is how it’s gonna start… “Do you remember that time, when a virus shook the world… “

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